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Get Involved

Welcome to ‘reFashioned’ Action” – our documentary’s online Impact Campaign home.

Thank you for checking out our film! We hope you found watching it as inspiring as it was for us making it.

If you are looking to help, a good place to start is with you! At the end of our film, we encourage our audience to:


Do I really need this garment before buying it?


Single use products.


Find out where your closest H&M recycling bin is.


Your mindset for future generations.

Share the Knowledge

If you are still keen to find out more on how to help, let us know which sector you’re looking to help from:


If you are in the fashion industry and are keen to start connecting with other eco-minded professionals to find out what differences you could be making, let us introduce you to them…


If you are looking to educate children, teenagers, staff or even just yourself, we can connect you with a number of initiatives and people…


Hopefully our documentary has spurred you to think about the lifecycle of my/my family’s existing closet? We’ve got some resources here for you to explore to help you get started