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John Bak

Executive Producer

John Bak is the owner of John J. Bak Productions L.L.C., a media company based in Los Angeles and dedicated to creating productions that promote social and environmental justice and intercultural understanding. He currently has two other films in post-production also shot in China.  He has raised over $200,000,000 for projects in higher education and film. He has been a professor of film studies and writing at three different colleges/universities, teaching courses in documentary filmmaking, film theory & criticism, and screenwriting.  He has enjoyed involving some of his diverse and talented students in his film work. Earlier in his career when he was a research psychologist, he produced film and video vignettes to portray children with disabilities realistically in all their humanity; the results of his work were published in multiple studies designed to advance the cause of children with disabilities in the mainstream of public schools.  He holds degrees from the American Film Institute (MFA in Screenwriting) and Harvard University (BA in Psychology and Social Relations, cum laude). He is a member of the International Documentary Association.