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Kate Fleming Davies


Kate Fleming Davies is a TV/Film Producer and Writer. After graduating with a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from Westminster University, she launched her career working for CNN International in both London and Hong Kong, working on a variety of news and features projects in her near decade with the company. Her final role as Producer for Asia-Pacific’s flagship feature show, “Talk Asia”, saw her produce interviews with A-List celebrities and industry leaders, where she discovered a love for producing long-form television. After becoming a freelancer, she has written for companies such as Ogilvy & Mathers, Forbes, and Hong Kong Living, whilst continuing to produce short promotional films for Hong Kong based charity, Hands On Hong Kong. “reFashioned” is her debut as a feature-length documentary Producer, working alongside Filmmaker and Director Joanna Bowers. She believes strongly in the power of personal stories being told through the medium of film and how they should serve to inspire, educate, and empassion audiences to act on issues affecting our world.