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David Joshua Smith


As a child of the 80’s, David Joshua Smith was part of that first generation to have easy access to an unlimited supply of film and television resources.  Growing up on a diet of cable movies and video rentals, David found he had a talent for remembering facts and details about hundreds of films and television shows.  This was an obsession that he turned into a college degree, and an eventual career as a video colorist for commercials, music videos, shorts and feature films.  As a devoted film enthusiast, he quickly was able to develop a visual short hard with filmmakers about how to make their films look amazing. Working as a video colorist over the last 20 years, David has been privileged to work on many exciting projects, with some of the most prestigious directors and cinematographers in the film community.  Currently, while working in the New York area, he has been a part of such television shows as Master of None, Blindspot, Gotham, and Prodigal Son. When he is taking a break from films, you can find him spending time with his wife and son, cheering his son’s ice hockey team.